New laws, new competitors, new media and touch points: The health sector is changing - and with it the whole healthcare business. DynamicX Strategy helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of trade developments.


Today doctors are more networked than ever before. The opportunities for the classic sales representatives are getting narrower and narrower.  However, face-to-face contact remains one of the most powerful instruments in the company marketing mix. But the existing concepts are reaching their limits. New cross-media strategies are required, which will enable your sales force to react flexibly to the requirements of the new generation of doctors.


The current question: How far is your company capable of acting?


DynamicX Strategy develops innovative marketing and sales strategies for you, enabling you to act rapidly and dynamically in the constantly changing market. We identify encrusted structures in the company and develop efficient solutions in order to break these structures and get them flowing again. Because only those who remain able to adapt can grow today and in future.



The right combination for your success:

our modular service offer


Change management is a demanding task and a chance for the whole company – if the strategy is right. With DynamicX Strategy you have the ideal partner at your side for restructuring projects, from the analysis of the current status through to the implementation of new sales strategies, which bring more drive into the company.

We are flexible in the process: Our services are divided into four modules, which you can call up individually or together. Insight, Implementation, Improvement.


The objective is always the same: Increase!

Or put another way: to achieve the optimum for you.




“First understand, then be understood.”

The DynamicX Strategy means: The basis for every profitable consultation is an in-depth understanding of the current status. Because only if we know your company, your concrete objectives, your employees and your customers can we develop a strategy which is exactly tailored to your situation.


The DynamicX Strategy "Insight" module therefore forms the basis for successful collaboration. During this phase we obtain a holistic insight into your company structure, internal and external processes and the factors which influence them. We identify possible needs for action, identify the first potential for improvement, and opportunities for you to make effective use of technical innovations to your advantage.


As a result, you obtain a comprehensive potential evaluation together with an analysis of the essential indicators for flexibility and dynamics in your company. In short: the basis for the development of a targeted strategy.

  • Scope workshop
  • Interviews
  • Desk research
  • Comparison with internal and external benchmarks
  • Analysis of essential indicators for flexibility and dynamics
  • On-the-job analyses for marketing and sales



“Just how good a concept is can only be seen during the implementation.”

A good restructuring strategy is one thing; the implementation is another. Because now it is a matter of practice, with all its uncertainties and complex interrelations. DynamicX Strategy accompanies you all the way. Thanks to our great practice expertise we identify possible hurdles in the implementation quickly and reliably, and then help you to remove them. This includes the identification of positive and negative disseminators, and their active inclusion in the process. The definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) is also decisive.


One large, if not the main success factor for a successful implementation is transparent and continuous communication with all of those involved – internally and externally. Because only those who set the tone communicatively retain control, even in times of radical change. A decisive component of the DynamicX Strategy "Implementation" module is therefore the development and implementation of an intelligent communication strategy. Farsightedness is required here, together with sensitivity. The motto: Motivation instead of irritation!


  • Definition of the KPIs
  • Communication planning and consultancy
  • Consultancy and support during the entire implementation process
  • Project management
  • Regular success measurement



“Question everything: even your existing outsourcing projects.”

Why have you externalised certain areas and processes? With which strategy? What is the status of your resources for controlling the outsourcing partner, and what services do they really provide?


In practice we have often experienced that the potential of outsourcing projects is not fully exploited. Whereby simply slight adjustments can improve the cooperation and thus produce clear improvements in efficiency. DynamicX Strategy therefore offers to analyse existing projects in terms of meaningfulness, efficiency, and optimisation potential. Experience shows that the latter is to be found above all in the qualitative areas, such as KPI-based success measurement, project organisation, and also the accompanying communication. As a result, you will receive from us a detailed evaluation of your existing outsourcing projects. We make concrete recommendations regarding the customisation and optimisation of your projects.


And naturally DynamicX Strategy will also be happy to support you in the implementation of this. In the process we offer you everything, from purely consultative support through to continuous project management, including process control.  Our goal: achieving the optimum for you.


  • Definition of significant analysis parameters
  • Qualitative analysis and evaluation
  • Concrete and applicable optimisation recommendations
  • Continuous process and project management


Business excellence is also a question of the right viewpoint.

What makes DynamicX Strategy special is our 360° perspective of company processes, together with the conviction that every change represents a great opportunity both the company and the employee.


As marketing & sales professionals with more than 70 years of combined experience in the healthcare field, we have experienced numerous changes- and that from the different points of view of pharmaceutical companies and service providers, external sales employees, consultants and project managers. From this a particular perspective has developed, enabling us to integrate the different points of view of management, marketing and sales teams, and project partners. In this way we see more than others: the success factors for reorganisation as well as the internal and external challenges. We identify quickly and reliably relevant disseminators, know what counts in communication and what you have to take into account in co-operation with service providers.


You will never get ready-made solutions from DynamicX Strategy. Because we are convinced: Only those who understand a company in its whole complexity - looking from a 360° perspective –  can exploit change potential to the fullest extent in terms of profit. This also means: We think holistically, combining strategy and organisation development, project management, and forward-looking communication planning into our concepts.


Foresight makes the difference. We have experienced this ourselves in numerous projects. And you will profit from this when collaborating with DynamicX Strategy. Contact us!


Dr. Jürgen Sasse
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Implementation of sales models


Jürgen has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 20 years, of which 15 years were spent in management positions. During his activities as a marketing and sales professional in various companies - from public limited pharmaceutical companies to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies- he has been active in diverse areas.  He has experienced very varied company cultures and organisational forms. What has grown out of this is comprehensive knowledge and profound understanding of the relevant success factors within companies.


For Jürgen the focus of his professional career has always remained on change management in the field of marketing and sales, together with the challenges that this entails: always keeping a finger on the pulse of market development, and steering sales onto the right course.



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